Listen to me...

I am sick of being added by obscure bands. I am tired of being dreamt of by obscure people. I'm sick of being noticed and desired by obscure minds. I am sick of it already! I am tired of walking on the street being scared of being humiliated by people who are definitely not even at 20% of my worth. I am tired of people being obstacles, stinky dead obstacles and drainers of air.

I have been dreamt of by people that have nothing to do with me. Don't get me wrong, it's not that you are worthless, it's just that I am sick of it. Don't dream of me anymore. Remember I have never dreamt of you and I only think of you when I open my VF/myspace/hi5/yahoo360 you name it.

I DON'T CARE IF I OFFEND ANYONE. The truth sucks doesn't it? And if you'll push yourself away because of my words it means you're as hypocrite as the "Does this make me look fat?? SAY NO SAY NO" girls. What do you want me to say, that I am flattered? I am NOT FLATTERED! I don't give a shit if you think of me, the thing is that I DON'T. I only think of myself, is that painful?

And officially I have stopped begging you, looking for you and asking you. I am tired of you. Yes, I CARE, SO WHAT? AND YES, YOU CARE, I KNOW YOU DO, YOU MELT WHEN I CRIED. SO WHAT? Facts, nen, not this shit. I'm not in VIII class anymore. I am not a child looking for a platonic friendship. I have enough platonic friendships with my idols who most of them are DEAD.

Fuck off, don't comment this.

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