Nou Escrit Sobre Menjar La Meva Merda

It's a lovely day to start thinking about how [not] to wallow in shit. First would be a total disconnection from what is considered real and anachronic. I have spend more than a few lifetimes analyzing the Fall of Man. One blissful failure, oblivious massacre, a road with no will to turn back. The eyes hurt from seeing too much abyss, the ears betray once again, providing a counterfeit voice of a beloved person, the touch throws one into lust, the taste gets rotten, and the mind forsakes.

Far beyond all comprehension lies the ability to remove these flamboyant consequences from the liberated doctrines of mankind. It is our decision whether we continue the madness or simply yield to it. There is no in-between, no denial. Denial was forgotten long ago.

Hypocrisy is overwhelming. I am the creator of no oblivion. I am the captain of no journey, no warrior betrayed, no blood on my face.

We hoped for eternity. The eternal disgrace and torment, is this the immortal life we yearn for? No doubt why we live not more than a century. No doubt someone "above" "cursed" us to die. This lie does NOT have to be allowed for so long.

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