Vampire's Prayer

Vampire’s Prayer

You think you can control me
(To all the gods – my prayer),
My heaven’s bleeding freely
(Weakness obeys, I bear).
Heartbeats just kneel before me
(As far as I’m concerned)
I’m bound to see before, free
(To you, I’m the disturbed).

I stand before my darkness
(I feel your breaths of gold)
I’m swept away in dampness
(Oh, humans, are you bold?)
Veins pouring out like fire
(Gods – bent in in-between)
The saint is breathing higher
(The saint – my stellar kin).

Oh, night, forsake my passion,
(I bid you, now, in life)
I stand and freeze the fashion
(I’m hallowed by your fright).
My tender resurrection
(As far as you might know)
Will offer them protection
(I am not human’s foe).

Oh, blood, disown my meanness
(Well, crown is born in blood),
And bring my eyes, the peerless…
(Does death believe in God?).
Oh, little girl of midnight
(I’ll have you in my arms)
I’ll drink your innocent light
(And you won’t die by guns.)

I beg you all in silence
(Abandon the untold)
I’ll send in you the essence
(The universe’s cold).
You think I’m made of legends
(Oh…haunted child, I say).
‘Been sold by all the merchants
(And all your gods I’ll slay).


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