Too Many

There is a band that my best friend is mad about that is called Disturbed. Well, they have this song which starts to inspire me more and more in my genocidal ideal life:

"There's too many men, too many people
Making too many problems
And there's not much love to go around
Can't you see this is a land of confusion?"

...Sometimes you just sit and wonder if this is but an illusion or it is turning real. If you don't, it is a bit extreme, put it this way, if you don't sometimes feel like the crowd is overwhelming you, you're either antisocial or blind.

One day I decide to go have my lunch in a well known fast-food of my glorious city. I order my drinks, I try to find an empty table, it's full. The sounds of the tens of voices, screaming in the same time is becoming a terror. I sit at a table with some strangers, trying to dig myself in my mind and not care, but my head is exploding.

I enter the subway = the place where the subhumans and trolls dwell, seeming they transport their filths somewhere else, but often acting like they're in a bar. It is crowded, it smells like...BA NU MAI MANCATI PUFULETI IN AUTOBUZ/METROU/MASINA ETC, E DEZGUSTATOR, PUTE DE CA SI CUM NU V-ATI SPALAT PE PICIOARE DE O SAPTAMANA SI LE TINETI LA NASUL MEU! It's getting on my nerves, and I hell am not the only one who suggests that smelling food should be banned in public transport.

I want to go in the forest near my city and spend some quality time with my friends, it's overcrowded with retards putting subhuman music and dancing like monkeys who dress, throwing their damn garbage as if they really want us to know what is in their trashy mind, smelling again like damn food.

It is too much. Too many people being the same. Too many people being superficial, enriched, fashion slaves, breeding war. Warmongers!


Violet said...

=))) ahaha, hai mah ca pufuletii sunt buni :D =p~...but yes, miros naspa. PS: ce padure de langa Buc ?

the elder said...

ghici ce padure e langa bucuresti =]

Violet said...

pai nu stiu...:P de-aia te-am intrebat. stiu doar vreo 2 paduri mai aproape de mine, dar pe langa buc nu stiu.