"Everything's Possible Tonight"

Title by Aievea's song. Fit for the theme I ramble about. Two nights ago I was asked by my mother to join her to a cocktail in a fancy club of my area, called KRISTAL GLAM CLUB. Now, what I'm about to say is not that I went there, but what I felt. The club looked very good. The lights as well, very creative. You know, I am not part of the high life, but I go to high life parties because I am one of the bosses from the shadows. ;)

I enjoy good places, but I cannot enjoy people I have nothing in common with. "You ask 'why?' I ask 'why bother'?" [Mickey Knox, Natural Born Killers] I don't go in these places not only because I hate mainstream, but because the vibe doesn't tickle my hearing. It scratches it.

I tried. Various times. I always give a chance, now, I try to be opened to suggestions. I can try anything as long as it is not so much mentally rotting that it makes me sick. This didn't make me sick. It was ok, but not for more than 20 minutes. People were too busy with how others dressed rather than dancing like crazy and some tried to dance, but were barely moving.

You guys either move like idiots with sticks in their asses or like whores in heat. Ahh, I'm tired of extremes... All a world of superficiality. Locked and loaded...

Masses make a good pile of rotting corpses. A lot of methane gas. Anyway I met a good picture with NEO that night.


Disi said...

off-topic: de ce nu ma asteptam? fiindca imi pari o tipa pretteh tough si cu raspunsuri tot asa dure, care inspira superioritate, not so friendly, cum ai fost :)

Disi said...

off-topic partea 2 : That means you're not like this. Daca nu ai de ce sa fii cu mine asa, rezulta ca nici cu multi altii n-ai de ce sa fii asa. sooooo are you like this or not?:))
Chiar si argumentului bun ai fi putut sa-i gasesti ceva si tot ai fi avut ceva rautacios de comentat. Totul e sa vrei.

Disi said...

O.T.p 4 : Nice to know that there still are people like you =)