I Have Driver License

Yes, motherfucker, after 2 years of delaying this moment, I finally had the practical exam for driving and I've been ADMITTED! That means, when the license will be made, I will be able to drive finally!
5:30 AM: I started the day waking up at 5:30 AM and for around 5 minutes I was SURE I had to leave. In fact my leaving was supposed to be at 7:45 AM but I don't know why I had that impression. I begged to stay in bed for 10 more minutes when a light bulb appeared, saying it's 5:30 AM, sissy! =]

8:15 AM - 10:30 AM: It was raining outside, a cold weather, I had to leave home my warm bed and my leather jacket so I would look more normal :-\ and left at 8:15 AM. I had butterflies in my stomach and when I arrived to car school, I smoked a cig and drove until the meeting point. Stress was getting bigger and bigger when I realized I will have to wait for 2 more hours until it will be my turn.

11:20 AM: Ah, it wasn't 2 hours of waiting, it was going to be more, I drove around and my engine stopped out of stupid stress. The policemen came.

11:30 AM: Finally the policeman who was going to examine me told us now he is leaving with the first four cars and we waited...and waited...and waited...

11:45 AM - 13:30 PM: ...Still waiting, I got friends with a girl who I was going to witness at the exam and the sun came up, such a bright day, 7th, my lucky number!

14:00 - The policeman returned. The first examined - big mistakes, I wasn't in the car but I think he passed. Second examined, the friend, some mistakes, I was her witness and my heart was beating like a Black Metal drum solo, admitted. Then it was my turn... I was so fucking scared that the policeman was telling me to BREATHE. He told me to start, I looked behind, eventually left and made me turn left. Left turns are harder than right turns... I did it good. Then he told me to put more speed, because I was driving too slow, how weird of me. Eventually he made me park and then walk backwards, then to park with the front, and told me I acumulated 15 error points. With 21 you fail. SO I MADE IT!!!

14:25-end: Aerobics, meeting the Kid, calming down and soon getting ready to pay the tax for my license and there I'll be, part of the traffic.


~NightChild~ said...

~Congratulations~..Hey i'm very glad for u! >hugs< ...i think i'm gonna have my driving exam and all in the summer after i finnish with the god damn final exam :)).. well anyway i wish u safe driving and once again: Congratulations!

the elder said...

Iti tin pumnii! Eu am abandonat scoala de soferi intr-a 12a. Multumesc mult.

Crown Of Negativity said...

ai grija mare cu prioritatea, pe mine ma obsedeaza chestia asta deja :)) Bvo!

the elder said...

si pe mine, mai ales in bucuresti, noroc ca am fost atenta si la examen cand mi-a zis sa pornesc. Multumesc mult, sper sa ne vedem in pace in trafic =]