Outer Limits

I know my limits. But I simply ignore them. Friedrich Nietzsche

...I ignored my limits so much that they have driven me to do things I never thought I could do. And I am not talking about mental limits, open mindedness and such, what in fact Nietzsche was referring to... I am talking about sanity. I am scared to go down that road that I have started walking on. So I will turn back and stop abusing.

And then come the limits of hope...ah, towards paroxism. And what did they bring me? Singing for myself, pretending a whole crowd was hailing me, nothing but dreams. I blew it again. I have such a talent in doing things wrong. Whatever. Imagine there's the voice of a drunk man speaking, drunk and sick. And miserable.

Wrath and Pride. They will kill me once...along with Lust.

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