21 - Legally Asleep

Not much to say. Absence fills this resentment of events, sequels and signs...and sighs. Not much to say and yet a whole world was once again embraced in seconds and moons. Moons, I say. Not months, for months are simple time warps and seconds are sounds.

I turned 21 on 07.07, this is like a time drum, my lucky number as known by all who entered my realm, 7 is by far the number of my own mythology. If I could re-create this world, I'd make also 7 suns, 7 moons, 7 devils resurrected from Heavens. All bearing the same seal.

Many people have failed my expectations, but some proved to be closer to me than I thought. I analyzed what I succeeded and what I've left behind, where I've mistaken and where I managed to change my bad moments. I replayed the times when I have failed my own failures, when I was the one behind the Wall.

...Do you have any idea how much love can be hidden in the coldest stare...?


Lady Morphine said...

La multi ani! :)

Michael said...

Pai si abia acum zici ca a fost ziua ta? No presents for you :P

PS: E mult prea simpatica poza de o ai la mess :) E al tau catzelushul?

teoctist said...

Happy B'day !