A Shared Memory

No. I won't start an usual rambling about this concert because it happened to be in the attention of all press. The rambling will be because I want to thank you... You know they say that the best way to enjoy a moment is after you worked hard to get there. It started with an unusual delight for a specific video, "Turn The Page".

...Then it continued with a rare "fuck, James is damn sexual" whenever his voice was in my ears or thoughts. It started with a dream and ended with a real memory, a shared memory. Don't you guys see that all that rain we had to put up with, the crowd, the torture I had, trying to recuperate a ticket for my best friend whose ticket got stolen by a retard, the nightmares about not finding it [I wanna thank NightChild for managing to find one for her], everything made the words "NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" more and more real?

For this, I'd do it all over again. It was hard then, but seeing you, guys, in front of my eyes, so close to me, feeling for sure that in that moment it was only you and I, that mattered. The rest were details. The crowd was a detail, the rain, the stress. You guys were amazing. One more proof that some people were born to rule. There has been a long time since a concert has struck me so much. The first was Scorpions. Then, Laibach. And now, Metallica.

That day we had this shared memory. A shared moment of reality. For people like you, staying in the back is just plain...wrong. Next time I'll be closer. You promised, I promise.

A big middle finger for all the retards who start criticizing this concert. You know what? You should've stayed home and let others get in there, others who would have appreciated it for real. Your critique is just another proof that you'd be really funny to be seen on stage, or next to them guys, pissing your pants. And we'd laugh and say SO FUCKIN' WHAT? Hahahaha...

Hell, this was amazing. I am so PROUD. I am so happy. It's been 3 days and I'm continuously remembering it. You guys will never read this, but for me, it will be as if you did ;) .

[*] picture is COPYRIGHTED. My lenses from the camera got full of steam because of rain and body heat, which meant entire blurry pics. Some came out better than expected though. Although they are not professional, they are a piece of my work, a moment I caught, so be good and don't use it without consent or else I'll find you and bury you alive. Muahahaha. Just kiddin'. Jail sounds more fun. No, really. Don't use it. It's not nice. I even hate that I had to put that stupid watermark on...


~NightChild~ said...

Once again you don't have to thank me *hugs*.As i already told you the fact that i could help makes me happy.And i totally agree with you with all that you've written except the fact that i was more into Kirk :p It will take some time for me at least to get my feet back on earth. :) It was magnificent.....and yeah ..Nothing else matters <3

the elder said...

e perfect ca tie iti place kirk mai mult, asa nu ne batem. eu cu james, tu cu kirk :D