You keep calling yourself a God. You've wondered many times why I don't bow.

Gods don't bleed. Gods don't need to demand the others to bow to them, others bow because they feel their energy. Gods don't get hurt. Gods don't have a flu. Gods don't go to school. Gods don't occupy their time with mundane things, even your so called divine "music worshipping" is fucking MUNDANE. Gods don't fall in love with humans unless some real error happened, and they realize the foolishness of the act.

Gods don't have period or semen. They don't call themselves Gods. Gods are beautiful. Gods are never proud, or dictatorial, or hateful towards the "lower" souls. Gods can give life from nothing. Gods are eternal, immortal and without flesh. Gods don't need clothes to show their personality. Gods aren't trendy, emo, gothic, industrial. Gods don't give a damn about all these. Gods don't worry about the size of their dicks or of their tits.

Gods don't make "sorority groups" to dishonor people. Gods don't need an engine of a car to make them feel superior. Gods don't need fake knowledge to show it off to humans.

...And you still dare to call yourself a God?

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