Guitar Solo Trance

Yeah, right now, well, I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' [Electric] and this got me in the mood. I feel good, oh yes. I feel damn good. Now it's already "Bleeding Heart". Last night at about now, I was watching an interview and the question was if Disturbed would have a concert in Baghdad. I said: "yes, but there the pyrotechnics would be real".

I am curious if it works to show you this [too bad the quality of gifs on this site is poor]:

First it was another pic of me, but I realized I didn't like it. The font and entire banner was previously done by the dear Tigress but I pretty much changed the entire effects. I fucking LOVE this banner, I use it as signature and I can't stop staring at it.

And I wonder...for how long will this good mood last? Yesterday it was the opposite. Now I'm on my way to take a cold cola with ice and lay back.

I'm just feeling good. I will be gone for a couple of days [around 2 weeks]. I know ONE person I will miss the most...but next year we HAVE to do this, man.

Alright, I'll stop here. Thank you, good night. :)

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