Iron Maiden

Another concert that I've seen and I can put it in the top 5: Iron Maiden. Not many will ever top Metallica and Laibach in my heart, but this one was totally vibrant, powerful and ... damn metal. The best feeling for me is after the concert, or during a favorite song, when I start to realize that "Fuck, man, I see them live, I hear them live, they are in front of my eyes."

I wanna congratulate Emagic again for the organization. These guys know how to handle a crowd. Once again, if you disagree it means you're really fucked up, considering that Romania wasn't a "point of attraction" for metal concerts until not much ago. They offered cold drinks when you expected some warm stupid cola/beer/water whatever, they were just great.

Great concert, great band, glad I could also see Trooper live.

Here's a pic I took, likewise, don't fucking steal it. More pics you can see on my deviantART account.

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Michael said...

Ti-a luat ceva sa scrii despre concertul acesta :P

Dintre tot ce am vazut prin tara, Iron Maiden au reusit sa detroneze pe Helloween si pe Scorpions si sa ajunga pe locul 1.

Ma bucur ca s-au hotarat sa concerteze si la noi si imi doresc sa ii revad. Data urmatoare voi sta in primul rand fara discutii.

Sper ca noul album pe care au promis ca il vor promova si la noi sa se apropie mai mult de stilul lor din epoca de glorie ('80 - '92)

PS: Te felicit pentru poze. Ai surprins o parte din momentele esentiale pe care le-au ratat cei de pe metalhead.