Underwater Friends

"They are my underwater, underwater friends..."

Here we found a single use camera to take underwater pictures. And my desire to buy myself an underwater professional camera grows bigger, so I ask you: do you know the prices of such thing?

I can also use a waterproof camera if a photo camera is too expensive. I enjoy anything waterproof!

Let me tell you something about divine punishment. I told you about those kids who made fun of me some nights ago. Well, one of them pissed me off the MOST. If you act nice I might even post a picture of him. :) He made fun of me and called us all bad names, I won't say what. My instinct was to jump at his neck but I guess "someone else" fixed this.

I was told that some time ago [they left back to Bucharest], he took his boat and went in the sea, but the brat got taken by water currents and got very scared. The stupid brat didn't know how to swim well either. A guy saved him and he told him that for this, he will allow him to call him his slave.

Not that the boy didn't have the face of a slave haha. Well, I called this divine punishment. It happened right the next day after he pissed me off and made me angry. Maybe it is in my head, but I like to think so.

Well, his parents abandoned the boat in the hotel yard and guess who took it? Us.

I will take a pic of it and show it to you laterz.
Now I'm off to my underwater friends.


Michael said...

Hello there.

So, I see you're still in Neverland having fun :P Too bad you'll miss the Al Di Meola Concert on Thursday :D

I saw once that some camera manufacturers (Canon) supply underwater cases for their products. It really depends on what camera model you plan on using. I took a peek on pcgarage.ro and found such accessories for Olympus cameras. Prices range between 600 and 4000 RON :D I'm sure you can find such a case for most models, it's just a question of money...

I'm just curious, how much money did the guy ask the brat's parents for his new slave? >:)

Violet said...

si eu cred la fel...