Also Sprach Zarathustra...

I will do now like in that joke. I will tell you that I have not chosen this name for the blog to pretend I am Nietzsche and don't expect me to be 100% brainwashed by a single philosopher. No matter how much I love his work, there are a LOT of things I disagree with.

So I will cut this from the beginning, this blog's purpose is not to blaspheme his book or anything like that. The name is because I liked it. I found it suitable for my mood. I might change it soon, because I'm honestly getting bored of it.

AND no, nobody said that until now, this entry doesn't come from a sort of event from the outside, no, nobody told me I am pretending to be Nietzsche, nobody said anything, I just wanted to have this entry here so that when it happens, to show it without making the person feel in any way proud that it has a special place in this blog for saying that. Better to cut the evil from its roots.

Yes, it is my evil and egocentric side speaking. *evil grin*

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Michael said...

Si eu care credeam ca e vorba de opera lui Strauss :P