"I Beg You To Reconsider..."

...Although today I have watched all the Saw movies again, this post is not about Saw, it's about what I would BEG you not to buy me as a present.

1. Books - I have problems with concentration and I find books an uninspired present, 99% of the books I receive aren't my kind. Most likely they will end up dusty, on a shelf. Why not give them to someone who will treat them as they deserve?

2. Hello Kitty stuff - I HATE HELLO KITTY! Oh shoot me.

3. Clothes, necklaces I would definitely not wear - If I invited you, it means you know my tastes. Don't give me stuff you received and not liked because I'll figure out. I prefer honesty.

4. Rings - I love rings, but I already have too many and you might never guess my size.

I know this post is very self centered, egoistic and manipulative. I am aware that it sounds totally rude and unaccepted.

The most amazing present I received was: nothing. From some people who came to my birthday "cu mana-n cur", claiming they have no money left. Oh, a chocolate is damn expensive...

Note: I do not condone buying presents to me or anything like this, I always try my best to pick a nice present for everyone and I think that for a birthday, coming without a present is really shitty. A friend of mine thought my bday party was another day and he made me a present in 15 minutes, just not to come empty handed.

...As for hateful comments, I beg you to reconsider.


Michael said...

@1: Mai degraba acoperi borcanele de muraturi cu ele :P
Pe o nota mai serioasa: Chiar daca ajungi sa cunosti foarte bine pe cineva, ai toate sansele sa cumperi o carte pe care o are deja.

@2: Aici se incadreaza si chestiile fluffy de pluş? :D

Vine "cu mana-n cur" si apoi iti intinde mana ca sa dea noroc cu tine :)) :P

the elder said...

1. =] Hahaha...asa e.

2. Nu, chestiile de plus imi plac, culmea! :) La nebunie... Dar sunt si selectiva. ACTION FIGURES AS WELL :x

Alluriah said...

weeeeel i never get presents.not even from parents...i don`t complain...but it would be nice for someone to care/ know me...so i get where you`re going with this.