I hate Twilight. I abhor all this stupid fuss with this useless best-seller. I am sad to be offending a book, but here I am.

I hate Twilight. Whenever I hear everyone squirting about this 2 dimed book, I get the urge to puke.

As well, I am glad if I offend you. I am glad! :D It sucks. It's bullshit.

All the forums are infected with this plague of "fans". Most of 'em took one after another, of course. Others really like it, which I don't comment upon.

But this whole hysteria is lame. Hah! Take that.


JaxxSynne said...

I had a desire to read Twilight not too long ago. But then I was swarmed by EVERYONE and their mother wanting to read it. Then there was a moving to be released.

Then I vowed to never watch it or read it or have anything to do with it. Because people make me that sick. Any possibility of it being good, was ruined by a horrid amount of idiots.

Also, they made vampire seem so cliché. If you're going to write about vampire, do it right.

JaxxSynne said...

*movie, not moving.

Crown Of Negativity said...

Guess who's back! The one and only... meeee!

faodhagain said...

Yeah I read one book and parts of the others but they were way too dull to finish so I just read synopses to get an idea of what they were about...god they are boring. The characters are all completely obsessive! And they have no personalities other than their obsessiveness and certain other traits that the author hammers into us, repeating the words over and over again...man those books suck. I haven't watched the movie and probably never will. Plus the girl who played the Bella Swan character is playing Joan Jett in an upcoming Runaways (70s rock band) movie, how pathetic is that?

Alluriah said...

hmmmm...nici nu auzisem de el....pana ieri cand mi-a cazut o revista prin mana(lumea ar trebui sa nu mai arunce cu reviste)