Oh Yeah

...And so I was sitting on the bench with my best friend, in front of the street. We were the only ones standing in the rain. No one wondered why, maybe we got used from the Metallica concert.

Some police passed with the cars, we knew it was once AGAIN, a meeting with the Officials. And it was. Just that this time it was our President, who looked at us from the car and even turned. Was he wondering why we were in the rain?



A Shared Memory

No. I won't start an usual rambling about this concert because it happened to be in the attention of all press. The rambling will be because I want to thank you... You know they say that the best way to enjoy a moment is after you worked hard to get there. It started with an unusual delight for a specific video, "Turn The Page".

...Then it continued with a rare "fuck, James is damn sexual" whenever his voice was in my ears or thoughts. It started with a dream and ended with a real memory, a shared memory. Don't you guys see that all that rain we had to put up with, the crowd, the torture I had, trying to recuperate a ticket for my best friend whose ticket got stolen by a retard, the nightmares about not finding it [I wanna thank NightChild for managing to find one for her], everything made the words "NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" more and more real?

For this, I'd do it all over again. It was hard then, but seeing you, guys, in front of my eyes, so close to me, feeling for sure that in that moment it was only you and I, that mattered. The rest were details. The crowd was a detail, the rain, the stress. You guys were amazing. One more proof that some people were born to rule. There has been a long time since a concert has struck me so much. The first was Scorpions. Then, Laibach. And now, Metallica.

That day we had this shared memory. A shared moment of reality. For people like you, staying in the back is just plain...wrong. Next time I'll be closer. You promised, I promise.

A big middle finger for all the retards who start criticizing this concert. You know what? You should've stayed home and let others get in there, others who would have appreciated it for real. Your critique is just another proof that you'd be really funny to be seen on stage, or next to them guys, pissing your pants. And we'd laugh and say SO FUCKIN' WHAT? Hahahaha...

Hell, this was amazing. I am so PROUD. I am so happy. It's been 3 days and I'm continuously remembering it. You guys will never read this, but for me, it will be as if you did ;) .

[*] picture is COPYRIGHTED. My lenses from the camera got full of steam because of rain and body heat, which meant entire blurry pics. Some came out better than expected though. Although they are not professional, they are a piece of my work, a moment I caught, so be good and don't use it without consent or else I'll find you and bury you alive. Muahahaha. Just kiddin'. Jail sounds more fun. No, really. Don't use it. It's not nice. I even hate that I had to put that stupid watermark on...


"Esti Pachet"

"Esti pachet" imi spuse senzualo-in prima zi de ciclu, o domnisoara azi, cand incetineam ca sa opresc la un stop, mergand c u 30 KPH. Ea claxona de zor, nu mai putea de nervi. A deschis ea frumos geamul din dreapta si a dat replica de film. Pentru cateva secunde m-am simtit ca dracu', avand in vedere ca am carnetul de doar cateva luni si am lamaile mari pe parbriz. Apoi, domnisoara in cauza a accelerat si s-a postat in spatele unei masini care statea frumos la stop, claxonand-o de zor.

Mai apoi, vireaza ea de pe banda cea mai din dreapta, la stanga. Eu m-am transformat in Dr. Jekyll si am urmarit-o, greseala ENORMA. Cand m-am calmat, mi s-a oprit motoru, semn ca masina mea s-a suparat pe mine. [inimioare in iris si pupile]

Am un mesaj pentru domnisoara "Esti Pachet": daca eu sunt pachet, atunci tu esti sunca de porc expirata din el. :) Totusi, iti multumesc ca nu m-ai injurat, pentru ca puteai sa ajungi la Reanimare. In momentele cand devin Dr. Jekyll la volan, sunt un barbat de 45 de ani cu 20 de ani de condus la activ, iar masina devine arma letala. In momentele obisnuite sunt un conducator putin speriat, care asteapta toate masinile sa treaca pana face o intoarcere etc.

Am inca un mesaj pentru domnisoara "Esti Pachet": ai grija ca poate data viitoare dai peste unul la fel de "incepator" ca mine, dar cu o sabie sau un pistol, si pachet la morga devii, cu inscriptie "Gasita in lac dupa 2 saptamani" ;)

Iar un mesaj pentru mine: OMOARA-L PE DR. JEKYLL DE LA VOLAN CA NU E DE BINE.



Sunt dezamagita ca in Romania se practica foarte mult bifatul concertelor, desi esti paralel cu formatia/muzica respectiva.

Sunt dezamagita cand desi cineva a avut datorie la mine, nu ma poate ajuta cu 20$ nenorociti si ma tot amana.

Ma oftic ca mi-am facut alt card bancar si nu pot plati cu el pentru ca vezi doamne, in America nu se accepta cardul asta.

Ma oftic ca niste cretini cu cacat in frunte au blocat site-ul http://www.myticket.ro/ ca sa-si ia ei bilete la Metallica si sa-si faca bisnitele lor, in loc sa se duca in mortii lor.

Ma oftic ca o sa ma duc la Metallica si in loc sa vad concertul, o sa fiu atenta la idiotii care fac "pogo", [pogo in acceptiunea lor], care se vor imbulzi pentru ca alti idioti nu au gasit un loc mai mare.

Am o stare generala naspa si vad numai in alb si negru.

Ce e negru e ca prind curaj la condus, ceea ce e bine.


What's Yer Status?

Statusurile mele de pe messenger, cele care apar de multe ori, au fiecare cate un inteles subtil/subliminal si am zis sa dau cateva detalii, ca sa stii cam ce sa faci daca le vezi. Oricum eu reactionez dupa ele, si mi se pare uneori amuzant. Unele sunt luate dupa melodii, altele dupa poezii/oximoronuri de-ale mele.

Antisocial Socialist ~ in general am o stare de lipsa de chef, stau online pentru urgente si discutii cu 1-2 persoane "fidele", dar nu ma voi intinde la vorba.

Not Here, Mortal ~ evident, nu sunt langa calculator cum traditia mea e sa nu inchid messengerul daca imi ramane PC-ul deschis, prefer sa primesc o fereastra deschisa decat un offline enervant

Painting My Horror ~ imi pictez unghiile, ceea ce inseamna sa te astepti la typo-uri, scris lent, raspunsuri o data la 10 minute, etc.

We Were/He was (Electro)cute ~ ma gandesc la El, sunt cu capul in nori si dau iama prin poze sa-i mai vad.....zambetul. We were in general aminteste de intamplari ale noastre, deci e si mai rau daca vezi asta.

Dopamine Levels Low/High ~ Stare de rau/bine, dupa caz.

Amuse Me ~ Fac misto de cineva cu altcineva din lista sau singura.

Alcoholic ~ Iar ma gandesc la El, nu neaparat avand o bere in mana si nici dand in vileag anumite "preferinte", pur si simplu...dependenta.

I Am Abomination ~ Stare de chef de a controla lumea si de a o distruge, posibile discutii filosofice daca intri in vorba cu mine.

I Am The World ~ Stare de "sunt buricul Pamantului", nu neaparat in sens pozitiv.

Waiting For The Miracle ~ In general, stare emo in care astept ca El sa-mi dea vreun semn de viata sau sa se intample ceva legat de noi doi.

Access Denied/Allowed/In Process Of Denial ~ In principal asta nu inseamna ca dau ignore oricui intra in vorba cu mine, ideea e ca discutiile gen "cmf" si atat nu sunt pasiunea mea si oamenii de genul asta in general ori nu citesc statusurile, ceea ce e tampesc, ori se sperie.

Vor mai veni si altele cand imi amintesc.


21 - Legally Asleep

Not much to say. Absence fills this resentment of events, sequels and signs...and sighs. Not much to say and yet a whole world was once again embraced in seconds and moons. Moons, I say. Not months, for months are simple time warps and seconds are sounds.

I turned 21 on 07.07, this is like a time drum, my lucky number as known by all who entered my realm, 7 is by far the number of my own mythology. If I could re-create this world, I'd make also 7 suns, 7 moons, 7 devils resurrected from Heavens. All bearing the same seal.

Many people have failed my expectations, but some proved to be closer to me than I thought. I analyzed what I succeeded and what I've left behind, where I've mistaken and where I managed to change my bad moments. I replayed the times when I have failed my own failures, when I was the one behind the Wall.

...Do you have any idea how much love can be hidden in the coldest stare...?