I am back from one of my favorite trips in the world, the oddly decided trip to Paris. It happened that I got called last Wednesday night, asking if I want to go to Paris on Thursday at 16. I couldn't decide so fast, I am not even now sure what I decided, but I went there.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much, but I did. And after all, it gave me a lot of oportunity to see where Gibbs and Jenny of NCIS spent their time... Paris is a beautiful city. It feels good there. It feels free. Right next to my hotel was an Edguy concert, for example. There you can never get bored. There would be so many things to say...many places to describe.

Jim Morrison's grave was another must-see for me, and when we arrived to Pere Lachaise, it was closed. The next day it was closed as well. We had one more day to stay and I felt I missed my chance to see his grave. But in the last day, the gates were opened for me. And I managed to climb the fences that guarded the grave against crazy fans and to touch his grave. It was a beautiful moment...

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