"...To me, love was reading her Miranda rights every morning. She was a fast learner, always trying to put words in my mouth, either forced or smoothly, between kissing me and sending me to Hell. The one thing that made me ponder and reconsider my road towards the depths of Inferno was her patience with my demons. Why else would she send a man to Hell if it weren't about the demons he has to slay...? After lecturing me about the pain I chose, she would light her second cigarette, letting the first one burn itself, like her feelings for me. Loving her was a challenge and it still is, for it is hard to desire to kill the one who puts her arms around you in the morning and swears eternal faithfulness and instead of sinking the knife inside her, you choose to have sex with her. It feels so good, but the thrill of killing competes with the short seconds of disobedience. To me, love was this once..."

[B.W - my alter ego]

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