I Love To Be You

I am right here, working and sometimes my stare gets caught in a place, blank and blinded from the rest of the world, having you in my mind, like an old friend that I never got to meet, but became so close to, so intimate with and it feels so good. You taught me life and common sense, you came to me, silently and definite until you couldn't stand my ignorance and you broke into my life. You changed my life in good and it feels so great that I feel like flying. My dreams of flying always come to my mind because they've been so often, that it feels natural to fly. You taught me how to fly. We even have the same undercut and I didn't know you when I made it. We made it the same.

It feels so good to be like you, you've become my alter-ego, my escape, my split decision maker, my mentor and my dream forger. You're speaking my language, my mind, everything. I don't remember when was the last time I felt so much at peace like I do now, because of you. I am uplifted and certain, I feel at ease, in harmony, harmony...no wonder your name has that word. It's harmony that you've brought into me, in my life and mind. Pure harmony, pure self-reflection and self-understanding.

I don't have idols, but mentors. You're one of them and I thank you, once again. You make me feel so good just by observing you. You put the weapons in my hands, to fight the demons. AND I FEEL SO DAMN GOOD. And there I went, not being able to keep it inside and write it down. :)

Two lyrics come to mind.

"Everything about you is how I'd wanna be, your freedom comes naturally.." [Muse - Bliss]
"It is real and not a dream, I'm in you and you're in me." [Enigma - Beyond the Invisible]

A special thank you to Mark Harmon/Gibbs.

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