Michael Jackson

Whenever I hear ya narrow minded bastards talking about Michael Jackson, I hear the same crap about him being a pedophile, about him looking "hilarious" or him being GUILTY for not having any number 1 song in the past years. Considering that he invented a style in music and dancing, a style which became REVOLUTIONARY, millions of people copied him afterwards, he is a god damn LEGEND and he deserves all respect, this shows how narrow your brains are.

But you know that with these bug brained articles and "news", you will sell more of your idiotic newspapers and information. Your idiocy should be banned. You don't just insult someone like him like that.

And I know that there are more people who agree with me on this. People who know what respect means. Because respecting a slut who got famous for her sex life or a dirtbag who sells because he screwed some models, while disrespecting a legend of music is not just wrong, but stupid.

This comes just because I have heard the same crap line about him being a pedophile and not having any new song, again. Is that all that you really have to say...? Then get your fucking brains checked.

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