Change The Channel!

In the presented situation, the extract from a nice movie with my mentor, called "Magic In The Water", unfortunately doesn't work. Mark plays the role of a workaholic dad who has the job of a radio psychologist, who gets calls live from fans and people who ask him for advice. He usually offers advice like: "2 words: STOP WHINING" or "3 words: GET A LIFE". One guy calls once:

Guy: "Hi, listen, I called to tell you that your show sucks. I hate it. I can't stand it."

Mark: "Hi. Is anyone pointing a shotgun at your head right now?"

Guy: "Uh...no."

Mark: "Then I have 3 words: CHANGE THE CHANNEL!"

In my case, nobody is pointing a gun at me and God, how I'd wish to be able to call Mark and tell him that "his show sucks" [ :))) ], but it is far from that. If I ever watch TV, it's either Discovery Channel or shows related, but I sometimes want to hope that tv shows in Romania have a damn other theme rather than the usual masquerade of non-talents and retarded looking "artists".

I am not RACIST, this is not a matter of such things, although if you consider being loathed by idiocy and lack of talent - racism, then fine, I am. "Rock'n'Rrom???"


What the hell is this?? How can you defend a country that claims it's not infested with this crap when all the shows, all the tv series, the attitude of the typical person is related to being as UNEDUCATED as possible?? Oh, I would defend my country, I have a deep respect for its history, for certain, I can tell when it gets so infected that it stinks.

I can even guess the typical question I'd get: "Why do you write in English?". This will be my next post. Now I am too stuck on this to "explain myself", or better said, just giving you the impression that I do.

You make reality shows...about so called "divas". *yawn* . How 'bout a reality show about people who travel all around the world and learn about new cultures? How about a reality show like OCC? Yeah, OCC, don't tell me there are no people in Romania who would love to build choppers or even who build personalized bikes. Or a reality show like Haunted Homes? I am talking about something that can actually teach people?

Nah. It's more fun to watch the way I don't know what "diva" cooks her crap or goes to high life parties or how some rednecks fight over a small house in a village that you've never heard of until the present day.

Don't tell me to change the channel. I don't wanna! I want to open the damn TV, put on one of our channels on PRIME TIME and actually watch something GOOD! I don't want to change the channel and just resign and say that "that's life". And I am aware of how many other people said the saaaaame thing I am saying and how many times I SAID the saaame thing about this, but if the media doesn't change this "let's sell stupidity because it gets our wallets thick" policy, we're screwed.
[*] Yes, the picture is my alter ego and his usual expression when watching TV lately. Funny is that in this picture, the thing presented on tv is him watching himself. But the expression is fit for my actual state.


Michael said...

You can't change the channel when the picture is as wide as the entire country...

Blashyrkh said...

Era o emisiune pe TVR 1 gen OCC, sambata dimineata la ora 10, dar bineinteles ca a fost scoasa. Slava Domnului ca mai sunt si canale TV/ emisiuni demne de urmarit!