I have spent some time thinking about the difference between my favorites and most people's favorites. No, I am not "unique, just like everybody else", but it puzzles and amuses me whenever I am in a conversation and the same things happen over and over. I'll give some examples of favorites of others and of mine.

  • Favorite NCIS character: most people choose Abby and don't get me wrong, I LOVE Abs, but if you make a survey amongst the people I talked to, 90% said Abby. [Mine is Gibbs, no question to that.]
  • Favorite energy drink: they choose unanimously Red Bull. I totally dislike its taste, I drank once and I felt like throwing up. [Mine is Burn, but I recently quit because it screws my liver.]

  • Favorite Metallica albums: most choose the "troo era", the albums before LOAD and RE-LOAD. I like those, but they're too trash metal for me. [I love LOAD and RE-LOAD.]

  • Favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character: Jack Sparrow because Johnny Depp is cute. [Jack Sparrow because he's damn funny and Johnny is a damn good actor.]

  • Favorite place to hang out: rock bars where you can drink and listen to music. [I like those once a year if so. I prefer parks, nature, lakes, that kind of hanging out]

  • Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate UNANIMOUSLY. [I love the pistacchio one. I am drooling now.]

  • Favorite serial killer: Jack The Ripper [I like him too, but come on. Jack is overused. I prefer Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Some quotes there.]

  • Favorite weather: cold, rainy, winter. [I am a sun, hot and summer person. I hate rain.]

  • Favorite Dark Knight character: The Joker. [I am a Batman person. Yeah, Joker was nice, but I like Batman more and I liked Bale ever since I saw him in Equilibrium.]

  • Favorite explorer: Firefox. [Internet Explorer.]

  • Alien or Predator: Alien [I love Aliens too, but I've been a Predator fan for years. I also have some Predator action figures and a Predalien. Haha.]

So it's fun to get the same reactions whenever one tells me their favorite.

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Michael said...

Chocolate & pistacchio... Nice :)

Actually, I'm enjoing a big cup of pistacchio ice cream right now. Should I send you some via e-mail? :P