For My Gibbs

Tomorrow there will be a new episode from NCIS. That being said, I have my requests for my all time favorite silver fox.

  • Lots, but LOTS of Nope Faces. I want so many, that when I recover from one, to be hit with the other. I want an overdose of Nope Faces. I want to even dream about 'em at night, not that I don't. [probably not going to happen]

  • Shots from the back, so I can see your nape. [most certainly will happen]

  • Headslaps for Tony and sounds + big eyes and :( from him. [probably going to happen]

  • Someone to spill your coffee or if not, you spilling your own coffee. [I am starting to ask too much]
  • Retard laughter [probably going to happen]

  • An in-depth analysis of the Tony-Gibbs relationship [gut feeling sent from DiNosey, maybe not in this episode]

  • An announcement that the spin-off was a joke and that we will expect 10 more seasons. [MOST CERTAINLY not going to happen......]

I want more...

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