Refuse - Resist

I am not overwhelmed. This feeling has gone since a long time from the so called reality. In my concealed life and in my dreamworld, this state is persistant. But in the everyday life, I could say, in my disappointment, that I'm devoid of it. Sometimes it feels as paradoxal as Metallica's "Pride that you felt when you'd kneel". The experience of self-regard in the most humble moments is one luxury I kindly offer myself each time I have a reason.

I don't need someone to refuse. I don't need someone to resist. I yearn to not resist. Yearn, you heard me. You give me an army of people with no meaning to me and I am not the kind to take something, just to own. I want to not resist. That feeling of letting yourself fall into someone is such an adored experience. I don't fear that, as so many do. Why do you fear that? Why play so many games when the ending's the same? :)

The ending of falling in the most rising way possible. Until then, you have the same menu: refuse/resist and lots of dreams. Hey, it's no drama I am talking about. It's rather challenging. Drama is more about complaining and giving up, while bringing more ranting that in the end has nothing to do with its main subject anymore. Challenge [in these particular cases] is more focused on acknowledging the drama and forgetting why it was a drama in the first place.

And I am the one who makes the definitions here. :D

[That photo is mine and except for various NCIS extracts, all photos are mine, so I will ask you kindly not to use them without my permission, not that you would, anyway. Or I might just have to kill you "without leaving any forensic evidence".]

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Michael said...

"Made in China" :)) [It's one of your best pictures. I like it very much]