I am leaving to Rome tomorrow, returning on Monday. Of all the ones that I consider friends, there's one person I miss the most, and by "all I consider friends", I mean less than 3 people.

So this one goes to you, DiNosey. I will be back soon, to headslap ya, to be behind ya when ya tell your co-workers about my fantasies with strippers, to hear ya ramble ooon and on about movies [and I am sure you even invent some of them :) ], when you keep telling people that you're pregnant with McGee... :)) I have ears everywhere.

I know I make no sense, it's late [considering the hour I will have to wake up], but I just hope that when you'll read this, you'll smile and almost feel my breath behind you.

Be good, I'm watching ya. And I didn't write your name in green "by coincidence". ;) 'cause we don't believe in coincidences around here.

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Michael said...

Rome, one of the greatest cities in the world. So much history and architecture...

Have a nice trip and do bring back some pictures :)