Weddings and Freedom [and Some Acid too]

You must be careful to what I say: a wedding isn't worth a thing, it's more like a reason to plan another masquerade of grotesque "fashion" and "music". I make the same mistake I make everytime I don't plug the damn headphones and put some music whenever "good news" appear on TV. Because I've got my mind set on criticizing this more and more. It gets me thinking, if I joined Journalism, would've I changed anything? Don't answer, it's quite rhetorical, I'd fight more than illusions.

Here's the damn thing: you get bad news and good news on TV. Bad news usually mean murders between drunks, crisis, some divorce in some overnight enriched's life, crap like this, right? Riiiight. Well let me add some BAD news: we're pretending to have an European Capital, but we destroy the only hystoric center that still means something; we have cars entirely falling in abysses in the streets [yeah, abysses, holes is too nicely said]; we have children at 10 getting married in "some traditions" and nobody comments because it's "tradition" [tradition to be an idiot?]; we have...we have...we have...what we DON'T have is reasoning. Crisis, that used to be bad news, now this has become a simple word. When you repeat something indefinitely, it loses its value, but that's a bit too psychological for simple minds to grasp, eh?

Good news: mostly overnight enriched's parties, cocktails, stupid and useless events, OR the new trend is to destroy even the traditions which could've still held something rather sacred in them. Take wedding, for example. No ramble about how important and romantic it is because it DOESN'T MATTER. What matters is to be en vogue, you must have a fashionable wedding ring or else you don't really count as truly married, if you don't embroid [merriam webster says: "something pleasing or desirable but unimportant (considered the humanities mere educational embroidery)" so RIGHT ON TOPIC :D:D:D, thumbs up] - where was I - embroid yourself with tons of shiny rocks which cost more than a whole neighborhood, your wedding is sentenced to death.

I get such a frenzy when I pick on these things that I sometimes feel that someone, somewhere, somehow, will read this and, with prior complaints in his/her head, will have enough financial and social power to make things better. Ah, who knows, maybe that person will be me, maybe, if I get the same frenzy in a couple of years and don't just give up.

Here's a theme of "reflection": imagine, just imagine, that somehow, the Colosseum [for example] would be in Bucharest. With all "due respect", how many of you strongly believe that by this time, it'd have become a mall for the "high class" society, holding shows every 6 months, with, instead of slaves fighting for freedom...girls from the rich restaurants...fighting for a Bucharest "don Juan"?

I am crying of laughter. And I don't care how "acid" this sounded, you sometimes need acid to clean the infection. [*I took this photo. If ya want one like this, go there and get one. Hrrrrrr.]

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Michael said...

If the Colosseum was located in Bucharest, by now it would probably look something like this: http://image58.webshots.com/158/1/97/39/431119739gHVsJI_ph.jpg