Carve Yourself

I don't have [own] a boyfriend. And if I did, I would find carving our initials/names into a tree completely REPELLING. I recently saw a journal entry from someone whose boyfriend carved their initials in a tree and she found it extremely romantic. If he did that with me, I'd have told him this:

"Imagine for a second that this tree would tie you up so you wouldn't be able to move, then tie your mouth so you'd be unable to talk and he'd start carving some stupid initials [or even FULL NAME] from the Tree-Language - which, by the way, I HOPE IS DAMN LONG AND HE'LL NEED A LOT OF CRAFTINESS TO CARVE IT - into your skin until you bleed to death. And I hope that he will realize that he made a mistake and start scratching you until he erases the initials that he carved in the first place. Other than that, I love you too. :) "

I hate these idiotic methods to show someone that you "love" them. Do you really need to wound trees or kill innocent flowers for that and be regarded as a "normal person"? Carve your initials into your skin, bleed like hell, then behead yourselves like you do to the poor flowers, now that IS "love".


Alluriah said...

florile sunt de fapt organele reproducatoare ale plantei deci practic le tai....uhmmm...oricum...il intrebasem pe prietenul meu motivul pentru care nu imi ia flori mi-a dat explicatia de mai sus adaugand :" e ca si cum ti-as aduce un buchet de p*&i" i-am inteles punctul de vedere , am ras... si l-am scutit de asemenea "povara"

Violet said...

mai exista si tatuajele, dar si alea sunt niste metode idioate de a-ti arata dragostea pentru o persoana, pentru ca e foarte probabil sa regreti gestul dupa ce te desparti de persoana respectiva. in rest, mi se par OK ca fel de exprimare.

Michael said...

Sau poţi să cari la gât pe post de medalion o fiolă cu sânge de-al prietenului / prietenei cum avea Jolina pe vremea când era cu Billy Bob Thornton :P

(ce nu fac oamenii ca să se simtă speciali...)

faodhagain said...

Hahahahahaha, awesome. I was amused by this one. I'm glad I never get flowers either, I'd feel terrible.