...An abandoned house is as rejective as a corpse. It is cold, even physically, like a corpse. I have written a poem a long time ago, about an abandoned house which was in fact, a woman who lost her lover to battle, and she stayed at his grave so much, that she died of hunger. The grave was lost and later on, a house was built there. But the house eventually met the same fate, as it was abandoned and a very cold air always used to come out of it. Now that I thought about it, I will re-write that poem.

I love abandoned houses, villages, places. I love that eerie scent of old-age poetry that eludes from its windows, embraced by that cold touch. They are as cold as a corpse can be, colder than the "ambiental temperature". When I touched a corpse, it seemed colder than normal. Why is that?

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Jenn said...

'cause cold seems so warm for some of us…cause when we stand still they continuously move. But it’s too bad cause sometimes we already know their moves..even before they begin acting.