European Sex and Monsters

I loved the movie Eurotrip, I can say that whenever there's a chance to watch it, I'd do it over and over again. But I can't deny that although the view of the Eastern European countries is partly true [the huge grey and lifeless blocks], the part with dogs running with severed hands in their mouths and people who wash in front of the house are dramatized and overreacted.

Last night I watched a movie that I had for a while in my future watchlist, called Hostel. Overall, for watching it at 12AM, the movie has enough gore to tickle my senses and enough sex to amuse me. Sex and violence - the recipe of success. Note that my all-time favorite horror House on Haunted Hill or my all-time psychological semi-horror, the Saw Series didn't need sex to be successful, at least to me.

Now, Slovakia isn't really in Eastern Europe, but for Americans, it's the same. The movie brings that typical theory that Europe that is not France, Germany, Italy or England, hides doctor wannabes who never made it into the Med school and now chop people off with the help of the Police, vampire serial killers, conspiracy theories and poor innocent american students looking for "European Sex" have to escape this Hell on Earth.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Americans, but this view that they keep on exploiting is childish. And the view of Amsterdam is so typical, it's all about pot and whorehouses. I am surprised that Quentin Tarantino subscribed to such imagery.

Anyway, my amusement was to see an actor who played a bad guy in an episode of NCIS, here, playing a bad annoying guy. But overall, I am only going to watch the sequel out of curiosity.