Hazard Thoughts

I am right here, in front of my PC, as usual when I think of rambling in this special little place called blog, or "blob" as Gibbs would say. I just lighted a cigarette and as I did that, somebody passed behind me, not sure who, but someone from the family. And a thought hit me right in that moment: they are so used to the fact that I smoke. Those days when I used to smoke in the bathroom and throw the cigarette buds in the neighbor's yard are long gone..

This thought hit me hard, considering that I am even writing about it at the moment. I would like to be able to make a "print screen" of thoughts like these and not just convey them. I admit that I'd like, for once, to be in those times when the thought of me possibly smoking was something "far away". And to add also other actions for adults as well, things which were supposed to be happening "in a long time from now".

Yeah, yeah, it's one of those monologues about aging and things related. God, I look so mad in that photo. =]

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Michael said...

I guess you must really hate to be photographed when you smoke :P