I have executed my hi5 account. The people who started to make this site a promotion of social retardedness has gone too far. I don't belong to a site like that, I don't want my name associated with a site like that anymore. So don't be surprised if you get an error message. I don't really give a damn on the "acquaintances" I met there, I don't care that I had 2304 views or 4838 friends or whatever, the ones who really want, can contact me via other sources.

I really had no reason to continue using a profile that I constantly considered deleting. Therefore, it's gone. :) I just wanted to notify, so I won't be bothered with "what happened to my hi5 account" questions.

As well, my esFLOG account will be soon cleansed. I will keep only the accounts that I have "feelings" for, like the VF one, which is my most important.


Michael said...

I don't regret owning a hi5 account. It's not all that bad. I mean, without it I wouldn't have ended up knowing you (a little bit) and reading your blog :)

If you ignore the spam (and the horde of mindless idiots) you can actually find yourself stumbling upon people you haven't seen in a long while and get a glimpse of their present life in some pictures.

There are other (more serious) sites (facebook perhaps), but I'm way too lazy to create new profiles. After graduating the faculty this summer I'll probably have the time to create my own blog :D

the elder said...

sper sa-ti faci blog, am sa te citesc. :)

Alluriah said...
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Alluriah said...

tocmai am aflat ca un cont hi5 sters poate fi reactivat asa ca am vrut sa vad daca e adevarat(am sters contul meu acum mai bine de 2 ani). se pare ca e adevarat.... m-am uitat prin lista mea de prieteni si te-am gasit :))