No Man

"The minute that I see an unknown number on my cell phone, I reject the call. I also reject invitations to go out and feel rather odd when I am being surrounded by people [even those I like, with 2 exceptions].. I also find myself telling someone that I want to meet them, but when I face the event, I can't wait to get away."

This is an extract from an older entry of mine, from some days ago. Today I finally saw the movie "Yes, Man" after DiNosey gave me a link to find a good version of it. It takes a movie like this to make me realize that maybe saying Yes to certain things, it would be much better. Then again, it takes a lot of will to do so.

I am sure that I will still consider rejecting a call if I don't know the number [and probably even if I know the number and I don't feel like talking - which is 90% of the times], that I'll still shamelessly reject invitations because that feeling is too persistent to be removed in a matter of hours..

I admit my faults. I exposed them, what more can I do? The movie, anyway, is very interesting. It is one of those stories which leave you with something more than just some quotes or good special effects. Although it is regarded as a comedy [and Jim Carrey - as always - does a great performance], in its quintessence, it is rather dramatic. And which better actor can coat a dramatic situation into a funny story than Jim Carrey? :)

Some lyrics which describe my state [and not only mine.....]

I can't shut it off this thing
I've begun and
It's hard to tell
Just where it's coming from
And it's hard to see
What I'm capable of
And it's hard to believe just,
What I've become
I can swallow it down
Keep it all inside
I define myself
By how well I hide
I feel it coming apart
Well, at least I tried...
[NIN - Me, I'm not]

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Michael said...

It seems all that headslapping did some good :))