Sometimes, online life examples can really give you a glimpse in one's true nature..and in this case, it either gave me a kick in the head with a "this person is obviously illiterate" or a slight touch of "bah, nevermind".

I am often leaning toward the extremist, bastardly and violent way of questioning certain methods of perception of human beings around me. On my online forums, I am often in charge with making photo contests. Two of the exposed themes are the Seven Sins and Seven Virtues in Christian religion. There is no question about the Seven Sins entries, we always get a fake pose with a knife for Wrath or a couple kissing for Lust [as if Lust was ever only about idiot couples kissing], but whenever there's the Virtues theme...I get bludgeoned [=to hit with heavy impact].

People either post photos of the Sin or something totally unrelated, an example could be, a few days ago there was the theme: Virtue - Temperance/Self-Control. I got two entries of photos against alcohol abuse, and THREE entries with girls with bags full of food, full of alcohol, saying "I don't have the photo of the Virtue, I might as well post one of the Sin".

My question is: are you plain retarded? And if you do this online without any remorse, then you'll be one of the public mentally challenged people who will depict a Virtue through a Sin and make a horde of brainwashed "adults" blindly believe in you. I don't blame those who don't think with their mind, it is "sometimes" demanding for a primitive thing to think on its own. In a less ironic tone, I don't ask you to think because you can't, others think for you and it feels fine.

So I notice that when it comes to Sins, people can express a lot, show a lot, pose a lot. The Virtues - hard to achieve in life - are obviously hard to pose for as well. Evil is the easy way, even in a damn photo, while the good is harder even to fake. Too bad.

Here ya go:

"They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims. "

Guess what that definition is for? Sociopaths. Guess to what I'd give this definition? Bullies. And guess what place in society do the bullies have? HIGH! Why? Because you worship them and follow them like sheep. They are your local glamour girls and gigolos. Notice, I asked "to WHAT" and not "to WHOM". If one feels frustrated and beats the crap out of a bully, he'll be punished and expelled and once again, the bully is the hero.

And once again, you draw a Virtue through a Sin. Their glamour and success achieved by humiliating others while posing for some sort of magazine. And it all starts from when you're young and you're "prize-winningly" stupid enough to think that it's "cool" to depict a Virtue through its opposite, to get away with it and to even be rewarded.


Michael said...

"I get bludgeoned [=to hit with heavy impact]" - After reading this, I was amused that I knew the meaning of the word "bludgeoned". The funny part is how I ended up knowing it in the first place:

I seldom search for song lyrics because I'm too lazy, but WASP - Hallowed Ground is an exception. Here are two verses from it:
"Father - I know you hear me
My head is bludgeoned but unbowed"

It's such a beautiful song and after reading the lyrics I looked up this word in the dictionary to see what it means and it stuck with me :D

the elder said...

I stuck with the word from Ted Bundy, as well as many other words hah...

I'll search for that song. I'm curious now.