English has received a punch in the face today when I was reading some posts in one of the VF cults [aka forums] I am in. The theme of the topic was "Last SMS you received" and one girl wrote something like this: "Hey Sawah this is Wyan, this is my number, talk l8r, wuv u".

I came to the conclusion that:

Sawah = Sarah
Wyan = Ryan
Wuv = Love

And I don't pick on the l8r. My question is why, why is this need to talk like a total retard? Why is it cool to pose with a comforter in your mouth, in a baby pose when you are over 4 years old [usually from 13 to 21]? It wasn't enough to see girls typing and talking this way, now boys too!?

Why this stupid and totally useless way of trying to be "lovely" and why so many fans of it...? And why do you write "hy" instead of "hi"? Please, explain to me. This time it is NOT a rhetorical question.


Michael said...

Initially, I think computer geeks started writing like this to "confuse" internet crawlers and search engines, so they could share pr0n and warez and stuff like that in private. People started seeing these strange notations all over the place and decided they are "kewl" so they started using them as well.

Writing this comment, I noticed that the default Mozilla spell checker recognizes them :))

Although I'm not a big fan of this desecration of the English language, I learned them from forums...

PS: Starcraft players from Korea invented kekeke (meaning hahaha) because they couldn't chat in the game using their characters, so they came up with notations like this one to express themselves.

the elder said...

I really liked your input, but the thing is that this is more a language to seem an infant rather than coded language. Coded language has a purpose, this language seems to have none. :))