Light Sleeper

Considering that I am one of the few maniacs who woke up scared by the earthquake that happened last night, I can say that I am a hell of a light sleeper. Nobody around me felt anything and for a long time I thought that I was insane and that I must've had a bad dream. The rather funny part is that the tv didn't make such a big fuss about it.

I assume that even the "tabloiders" and the "OTVizers" were fast asleep at that time, so I was deprived of their "shocking" and "incredibly powerful" experiences. And when you say that you saw/felt something and everybody around you tells you that it didn't happen, you begin to question your reason.

What I question is rather related to my previous entry, the shuffle one. I made another survey tonight, which I might post, maybe highlighting only the songs which fit. How on earth do things connect that way, for a person who doesn't believe in coincidences?

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Michael said...

La cum am dormit azi noapte cred că putea să se dărâme camera în jurul meu, că eu nu aş fi simţit :D