Live The Life

Last night I watched "Real Strange" on ZONE REALITY and there was a report about how some people managed to find a way to make mundane and rather depressing event such as paying taxes a funny thing.

Post Office Tax Party in Lawrence, Kansas - it's a video as well. These people decided to have a tax party, where people come to pay their taxes so that the IRS doesn't get "mad", but instead of finding a dull and tense atmosphere, they bump into a party. I must agree that this idea is admirable.

You know, all we do is complain and complain. Romanians, like some other countries, are champions at complaining. They complain about high taxes, about bad roads, about huge lines at the post office, about education, about everything. I AGREE that there are thousands of problems here and nobody from the "leadership" cares to solve them, but if you see that for years and years, complaining didn't work, why do you still complain?

Don't tell me that I compare Americans to Romanians again, because this is just another excuse. It's not that I compare the roads to these, or the nightlife or even the cosmopolitan life. I simply compare how people see a problem. They know that they have to pay the taxes but they make it easier to do.

You can say that "Yes, but there, the Government cares about people, why should we pay them taxes here when they don't give a damn?". Good question and I'll answer it. Because you HAVE TO. Because if you don't, you'll be charged. That is the way it goes so instead of moaning, why not make your life a bit sweeter?

Don't think that those people love to pay their taxes. They are human beings like you, like me and everybody. But they have discovered something that all of you should, and that is living the life. Just like that.

LATE EDIT: Fally, the owner of the video has seen my post and liked it, which made me glad. I had a short talk with Fally about this but I wouldn't paste it to you here now, would I? :P Indeed I am impressed by the videos and I must congratulate you guys! So go to the channel and watch more videos! :D Go see how people can have fun, maybe you learn something! :) Peace.

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