Yes, I LOVE to make surveys. If I got paid for this, I'd be rich. And since this is my place of nonsense, ya'll get to know me better. I am honest.

Are you registered to vote? Yup.
Did you vote at the last election? Yes, in the second tour though.
Democrat or Republican? If done correctly, both apply very well. But people in general have misused both ideologies and it all goes to hell. So I can't really choose one and just deny the other.
Did you vote for Clinton? Nnnnope.
Did you vote for Bush? Nnnnope.
Do you wish you could change your vote?
Not my vote, rather the people who we were supposed to vote.

For or Against:
Abortion? It depends on every case. Theoretically I'd be against, but there are situations where abortion would be a better choice.
Gay marriage? Let them marry, for God's sake and stop being homophobic. I hate homophobes, really.
Prayer & bibles in school? Hmm now that's a bit tricky. I'd say that each family should be responsible to educate the child in conformity with their religion rather than school.
Capital Punishment? Totally against. If you consider that you're above a criminal and kill him "to make justice", then you're lower than him. At least he doesn't claim to be just.
War? How could one be for war?
Legalized Marijuana?
Legalized or not, people are still going to smoke it. It doesn't make much difference.

What do you think of:
Paris Hilton? What could I possibly think of the person in my #1 top of annoying and stupid people?
Rosie ODonnell? N/A
George Bush? Charismatic. And 70% people who were "against" him, were because they were indoctrinated. I don't say I am for him either.
Donald Trump? I prefer not to disclose that..
Britney Spears? She had a good music for that type, way before she started acting stupid and making music more for the money than for the sake of it.
Lindsay Lohan? I liked her in Freaky Friday [how not..]. That's about it.
Nicole Richie?
Do I have to have an opinion?

Would you hook up with an ex? Most likely not.
Would you forgive an ex who cheated? It depends, I forgive but that doesn't mean we'd be together again.
Have you cheated on an ex? Yes and that is why I don't cheat anymore.
Have you stalked an ex? Never, but one stalked me, after he dumped me, and that is veeery "interesting".
Have you stalked an exes new partner? No, I don't stalk people.
Do your friends still like your ex? One of them, yes, because he is a great guy.
Is it ok for a friend to date your ex?
I can't say I'd be thrilled, but it's their choice.

Would you date:
Someone who cheated in their past? Yes, people change, they deserve a second chance if it's worth.
Someone your family didnt like? Sure, but I'd ask them why, maybe they know better. I trust my family.
Someone with different religious beliefs? I'd say yes, I dated people with different religion beliefs than mine. But it depends if he's a fanatic or not.
Someone of a different race? I dated someone of a different race. So why not, again?
A shorter guy (for girls) OR taller girl (for guys)? Yes, I dated one, but I prefer a guy who's taller than me. And MUCH older.
Someone who has been to jail or prison? Ohhh yeah. Although I'd quite watch my six all the time. But that guy's dead anyway, so I might just reconsider..
Someone who lives with their parents? Now, what's bad in that?
Someone overweight?
Most likely no, I like athletic men.

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