Paris Time

One of the things that inspired me in Paris, besides the usual which I will enlist is their subway net. I never thought I'd fall in love with Paris until I visited it. There you can really say that YOU HAVE diversity. You can get from a neighborhood of artists like Montmartre, to a futuristic breeze in Defense, or you can have a walk on one of world's most expensive streets on Champs Elysees etc. If you want to simply see the "dark side", you can go in the "suburbs" and pray that you'll return alive and with your pockets in the same condition like when you went there.

So you've got artists:

Then you can get more "futuristic":

Or simply full of passion:

You can even find Jim Morrison there, if you're also insane enough to go 4 times there because they don't want to let you in:

I have to show off and post a photo of me next to his grave:

You can go where absolutely everybody goes:

...and feel like home. The city is very welcoming, it doesn't have that cold atmosphere that big cities have. I think that, besides its architecture and hundreds of monuments, this was the thing that made me really enjoy it.

Did I mention feeling safe? :)

There are a lot of photos I took, but I only chose to post a few. The rest is for you to go and see for yourself.

You want to see the Louvre?

You know that you can even become nationalistic if you want.

But its subway net is also a "wonder of mankind". It is well organized, there are a LOT of lines and if you think that at Piata Unirii you get lost, there you have 6, 7 maybe even 8 or 9 lines in the same station, in almost EVERY station. The subway comes with intervals of 2-3 minutes, they have indications so you can get lost only if you want to.

Do you want a night view? This was taken from my hotel balcony.

I promised a mini "chronicle" of Paris, here you go. I wanted to do it for quite a while, but I was lazy. There are a hell lot more things to say, so I might add to this.

[*] Note, the photos belong to me and I was nice to post them for you. They have watermarks from deviantART, and they don't treat thieves well. You can copy them as long as you don't claim them as your own or alter them and claim as your own. If you want to use them, credit me. I have a friend who is a lawyer and he can spare a little time for art thievery, if I ask him kindly.


Michael said...

Nice pictures! I think I saw all of them on DeviantArt when you first posted them.

A friend of mine is doing her graduation thesis near Paris this semester and she told me that she'll need a couple of days to describe every place that she visited during her stay... One thing for which I envy her is that she got to go bungee jumping... three times.

She told me that we should go bungee jumping here, in Romania, when she returns, but I consider that Romania is not a good choice for doing this since there is a slight possibility that they might be using cheap cords :P

the elder said...

Glad you like it. Although I don't really see the connection with bungee-jumping, except for the fact that your friend did it, but yeah, if not even Romanian amusement parks are safe, then bungee-jumping is pretty much out of the question as well.

Michael said...

There's no connection whatsoever between Paris and bungee-jumping, but, the friend I was talking about said that she enjoyed this more than anything else in Paris, so, I guess it must really be cool :D