Playlist Shuffle

I normally hate these, but I will post this one in particular because some songs fit perfectly. The idea of this game is to put your playlist on shuffle and for every question, you post the title that appears. Here's what I got:

How are you feeling? ~ Disobedience
If someone asks if you're okay, you say...? ~ Bleeding Heart
What are you looking forward to today? ~ The Crow
Whats your favorite thing to do? ~ Concerning Hobbits [Haha, it fits]
What are you afraid of most? ~ Across The Stars
What are you craving at the moment? ~ Hospital del Mar
When you hear an annoying sound you say... ~ About a Girl [I agree]
When you fall you think... ~ The Edge [DAMN THIS ONE FIT]
Before you fall asleep you think of... ~ Reborn By The Seed Of Death
How do you feel about the people you love? ~ Celtic Dream
What comes to mind when you think of someone you hate? ~ Dissapear Here [what the...]
What's something you always keep in mind? ~ Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
What's your motto? ~ Crushed Dreams
Your Reason for waking up in the morning? ~ Supersonic Journey
Your crush has the quality of... ~ King [oh yes]
When you taste something amazing you think.. ~ I Don't Wanna Be On TV
How you feel about your pets. ~ Memories
When describing yourself you tell people... ~ No Sleep Tonight
When people say "your mom" you think... ~ Sie sagte Nazis raus
The rain reminds you of... ~ Endless Quest
Models make you think of... ~ The Ring Goes South
What is your deepest darkest secret? ~ Alcohol
In your past life you were... ~ The Rape of Virtue [haha yeah :D ]
Describe your room. ~ Californication
How would you describe your favorite memory? ~ Revolution
To you, what do smelly socks represent? ~ Release the Frequency [I agree]
How about the American flag? ~ The Gypsy Meets The Boy [wow...]
A hot guy/girl? ~ Warhead [you can change warhead to "jarhead" and it's 100% true]
What comes to mind when you hear a car alarm? ~ Coma
And the doorbell? ~ Back in the USSA
When you smell eggs it makes you want to...? ~ Gone with the Sin
What do you like in a guy/girl? ~ Let's Get It On [HAHA]
You think the meaning of life is...? ~ Hibernation Sickness Complete
What do your parents think of you? ~ Voices Within
What do your friends think of you? ~ Declaration of Spiritual Independence [OH YES]
What is 2 + 2? ~ The Modern End [oh yes]
You think your best friend...? ~ Beta Complex
What do you want to be when you grow up? ~ Firestarter [WOW]
At your wedding, you will say...? ~ Two Of Us [WHAT THE...]
At your funeral, someone will exclaim...! ~ Children of the Grave [ALRIGHT this is scary]

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~NightChild~ said...

The last one made me laugh :))