I am one of those who were struck by David Carradine's death, but this isn't why I am really writing this. I have suspected autoerotic asphyxiation from the start, judging by the signs and my investigative skills :). Someone started this discussion some time ago and most of the people were giving their opinions, so on and so forth.

But one person said: "His wife killed him, otherwise why would she marry someone so much older?". Of course I picked on her there, but my ranting ego needs to pick on this again.

I am in love with a 58 year old man, does that make me a murderer? There are so many other people who marry or fall in love with a person much older/younger than them, does that necessary have to involve taking the heritage and waiting for the spouse's demise?

Yes, there are countless cases of marriages based on wealth and age could obviously be a reason to wait for their death, but to be so prejudgemental about it, without even researching, that is sad. I have the tendency to fall for much older men for their experience and maturity and I just like an older physical look; let's say he'd also happen to be rich, how many of you will tell me it's for the money?

Maybe I'm still "in awe" because I hear these things. Brainless indoctrinated people. To you, if you're not a virgin, then you must be a slut, if you're blonde then you must be stupid, or if you like to read or play computer games, then you must not have a social life.

In cases like these, "freedom of speech" should be abolished. That means, if you shut up, you'd do a good deed for society. And it's not that what you say affects me directly, but you happen to be the majority, you dictate the same cliches that we hear everyday and you will condemn everyone, based on your unfair generalizations.

All you do is condemn without even researching. Well, look in the mirror, you perfect fucks!


Michael said...

I remember watching the series Kung Fu many years ago on TV. I can't recall the action, but I know I enjoyed watching it. David Carradine was much younger back then...

I think I saw him in some other movies as well (one of them being Kill Bill) but I guess he played his best role in Kung Fu.

I felt sorry for him when I heard how he died. He deserved a more honorable death...

This reminds me, I should download Kung Fu :D

the elder said...

I hated him in Kung Fu because he played instead of Bruce Lee. He kind of "stole" Bruce Lee's place in that movie. So Kung Fu is pretty much the only movie that I wouldn't watch again.

But I saw him in Kill Bill and I loved his role in BIG STAN.

I wanted to avoid making an entry about someone's death and never mentioning him in his life - not here, anyway, but it got me very pissed off to see such narrow minded idiots.

Michael said...

I don't think I saw Big Stan. I looked it up on IMDB and I saw that Rob Schneider is the director which makes me think that it's a poor comedy, but maybe I'll download it some day because I'm sure that David played a good role.