Horse Power

I MUST [it's a compulsion] brag about finally riding a horse. I must also add two photos as a proof of it.

Excuse the retarded faces that I may/may not have done. The rest of the photos will be soon published in my deviantART account. I am a newbie, so don't expect gymnastics there.

I also met this man who is obviously wrong for me; studies were his weak spot, he works there, etc, but I guess that, for fun, one can be open minded. Nobody that knows me would see me dating a man like him, not even I see myself dating him, but flirting is not a sin in my religion. That reminds me of an explicit catalan movie I saw, with a horsekeeper and a woman. :)) Uh, the FILM was explicit, we're not explicit. :

Juicy details over. I am leaving the city for a few days and I met more and more people who tell me that they love the crowd in Bucharest and what's odd is that they're serious. I never understdood how people enjoy to be crowded. Even in the subway, people tend to stay where it's the most crowded and other sides of the station are almost empty.

I've been told that once I learn how to ride better, they'll let me go in the forest with the horse. Now that'll be a nice ride..

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