Horror Home Alone :)

Today I woke up home alone so I decided to stay indoors and watch horror movies. But that's not exactly why I decided to share my experience, but because sometimes, funny "coincidences" [and neither I nor Gibbs believe in coincidences and those who do should fry in the depths of hell] make the day a day to remember. At least for a while, if so..

First I watched a comedy, nothing peculiar going on except for my memory of the dream I had, where Eminescu was my college teacher [he studied Philosophy and Journalism after all..] and I was so proud that we became friends...while he kept searching through his papers on his desk and demanded that all of us should pick one of his work categories for the exam. He picked me to talk about his poetry which made me feel special, in the most symbolic way possible. But he hated that he had to force this egocentrism that wasn't even his, just because the boss said so.

Anyway, after this, I decided to watch The Ring, once again, because I always had a "thing" for distorted faces.. I can see distorted feet, hands, bodies for all I care, but the faces really stick with me. So, right now, remember the girl's face who was found in the closet...imagine her standing right behind your chair. [DAMN I'M FREAKED : and I mean that, you can laugh at me if you want, but I paused the video and took a damn close look at her, because if you analyze something that scares you, it wears off, but I still remained freaked out..]

Take a look at the photo of her face if you want.. It's small quality but whatever.

So as I was watching that part where they see the tape and all, the phone rings. I didn't answer. I had chicken skin and mostly because I was home alone on a 2 story building + ground level AND basement.

Then, I paused and went downstairs to get myself a drink and the room was damn dark. Note that I am a bit afraid of the ground level.. Suddenly from a corner I saw something black moving and I got so scared that I think my face was as distorted as Katie's. But it was my dog. It was one of the few times when I hugged her.

So, there I went, I had a chilly home alone day, on 36 degrees Celsius outside. But you know, their faces get so distorted because of so much fear.. I will ask you a 4 yr old kid question: could that be possible in real life, too? : If something so terrible would scare you to DEATH, literally..

I am running from here, it seems that I am alone again and the image with her behind me is haunting. I'll get back to add colors to certain words tomorrow.

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Michael said...

I saw both movies from The Ring series. The first one is much better than the second. I liked the first one very much because of how it was made and the atmosphere it created. It's really freaky but I can't say the special effects are among the best I've seen. I wasn't very impressed of how they made those faces but the atmosphere can really give you goosebumps :D

I'm sick of all those Hollywood "horror movies" that look more like bad cartoons. The special effects are great but the story and the acting usually suck. A few days ago, I saw 'The Unborn'. It didn't even manage to scare me...

Another good horror movie is 'The Others'. I love it. It doesn't have any bloody scenes or gore but it's great. I think there are 3 or so memorable scenes in it which really give me the creepin' willies (line from Carnivale :P). I saw it several times and each time it was very tense. I don't recommend watching it at late hours alone, though :D

For crazy special effects, I'd have to say '1408' (2007) is nice, but it won't scare you too much (probably because John Cusack usually plays in comedies :P). Also, you could check out Ghost Ship (2002) (just for the special effects). I know I saw many other horrors, but I can't recall their names. Anyway most of them aren't worth mentioning...

I'm curious to see 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' and 'Drag Me to Hell'. They seem promising.

I still haven't seen the Hannibal series :( I have to make time some day for all of them...

PS: 'The grudge' is stupid and it sucks. The music and the acting is meant just to scare you and nothing more.