Recent Struggle

Recent photography. MINE. Check my deviantART for further notice..

All the colors are mine right now. I own 'em. That's how I felt today.

Who will be there to swing the rain?...

There was a time when, as I were walking, in front of me the grass turned red. I wasn't sure if it was a disease of mine or of the nature that got corrupted by mankind..

I looked ahead, in the distance, seeing that there was still green grass and I still had hope..as long as the sky is still blue..

Cage us in the landscape.

Wondrous yellow..

And three of Brancusi's major works, re-seen after tons of years:

The Gate of Kiss

The Table of Silence:

The Endless Column:

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Michael said...

Nici eu nu ma mai călcat prin Târgu Jiu de multă vreme... Mă bucur să văd că, în cele din urmă, după lupte seculare (care au durat mulţi ani) au reuşit să restaureze Coloana Infinitului...