In My Secret Life

There’s no one in sight.
And we’re still making love
In My Secret Life. [...]
Moving across the borders
Of My Secret Life.
© Leonard Cohen

It is expanding to the point of reality. It gets to the point of annihilating the real world and giving my dreams those wings to fly.

My dreams are coming true. Look at the photo in the right side of my blog :). My inspiration, my relief and my greatest role model.

No, don't get me wrong. I do live in the real world and enjoy it, but it is nothing without my intrinsic life. And I will cross the borders.

I will be away for a while. God, I feel so free! :) I wonder who really understands what I mean with those lyrics..


Michael said...

Neverland (the dream world, as I like to call it) is a nice place to visit, as long as you can keep away from it when you need to...

the elder said...

True, although it makes me sad to use the word never when it comes to the most beautiful thing. Never, utopia, yeah.. But you're right. :)