Kill With Consent

Build a virus. We know it has been built. Build it to decimate. In the meantime, let some people die. A dozen is fine to create the panic. You have the cure of a virus that you made, but without those victims, your stocks would be ground levelled. The cure has never been "in the process of developping", it has ALWAYS been there. Maybe even before the virus was made.

People became stocks. Somehow, you tried to be selective about who you decimate, but that happened in the past. The virus was the race, then the political orientation, now it led to sexual orientations, although those have always been questioned.

Who is a more heinous criminal, the one in jail or the one who orders mass murders, in a suit, from an office; the one that makes everybody switch sides on the street as he walks or the one that welcomes you and assures you that you'll be fine, while injecting death straight into your heart?

Killed with consent...while praying to get out of the "poison place" alive.

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