One More Cigarette

I measure my time in cigarettes. Sad, for a human, funny for an immortal. I tend to say I always say: "One more cigarette and then I'll (X, Y, Z)". I don't say "I'll do this in 10 minutes". I felt rather queer not to pick on myself every once in a while, because being a hypocrite is not part of my menu.

I didn't get insane enough to measure the far future in packs of cigarettes. "I'll go to the mountains in 20 packs of cigarettes!" would sound tragi-comic. More tragi than comic, I'd say. So, I count my time in seconds that I waste from my far future life, minutes or maybe even years. I count today so that later I won't have what to count.

I don't want to quit smoking, I want smoking to quit killing people. I want it to be healthy. I want to be happy when I count my time in cigarettes. Or am I talking about addiction or obsession?

Right now I thought that I'll smoke one more and I go to bed. My time is made of nicotine and smoke. My time is vicious! Ha ha!

It's a fine way to put it...

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Michael said...

Perhaps you should ask yourself if you'll still be able to "go to the mountains" after (another) 20 packs of cigarettes :D

OK, I'm just messin' with you, everybody knows that immortals don't have such issues :D

PS: Hope you're not selfish when it comes to "picking on yourself" :)