They're young. They're called teenagers. They are the ones. Some of them have more energy, some of them are dull. Some of them think that the world began when they were born, others crawl in a corner and beg for attention. But their biological age starts with 1. I like to spoil their youth, saying that, with years, the next time their age will start with 1, they'd better hope to still be alive.

My age starts with 2. But I don't have to worry, I won't catch 200. At least, not in this life. They'd probably wonder how I spoiled their youth?

Well, if they don't think like me, then it doesn't make a difference. But if they do, it surely feels sad. But then again, so many just want to die before reaching 50.

I don't know if I made any sense. I know that, to myself, I made a lot of sense.

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