Super Powers

There are times in my life when I yearn to be a superhuman. Even the most mundane events just point out the frustration that some of my super power wishes aren't as impossible as they'd seem.

I want to be able to kill any, but ANY fly, mosquito or fucking INSECT that bugs [pun intended]my existence and makes a sole purpose in its parasite life to fucking annoy me, with just a look. The closest I've come is tonight, when I just calmly strained my fist and caught a mosquito.

I want to be able to teleport. Hell, everybody wants this, needless to state why.

I want to be able to read and process a (philosophy) book in 15 minutes and after that to be able to quote it entirely.

This one's inspired from a recent dream I had: I had the ability to foresee a bullet and I used to see the light from the discharging of the gun before the bullet was projected into the air, in slow motion. Like this, I avoided all bullets that were directed to me.

I want to be able to start karate again, but this time to learn all in 1 day.

I want to hypnotize people. Right now, I want to hypnotize a guy to un-imagine that we might have any sort of future together. Just because I flirted a few times doesn't mean that I want to commit or receive cheesy text messages.

I want to shapeshift. For once, I'd turn into Pam Dawber, but then straight into Mark. Also, I'd enjoy to switch genders every other day.

I want to fly, but without wings or anything, just fly like in 90% of my dreams.

I have to, but I really HAVE TO be immortal. I recently read that most Romanians DO NOT want to be immortal. Very well, you go die while I enjoy eternal life.

I want to make someone die and disappear without a trace, seeming that she flew in another country under an assumed name or something. No, wait, maybe reversed, I don't want a guilty conscience because of a cockroach.

Alright, the conclusion is that these super powers turned out to be more impossible than I thought in the first place. I'll just stick with VR.

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