Insubstantial Blabbering

Does anyone have a Fuckitol to spare? I kind of ran out. Sometimes, things get heavy and Fuckitols always seem to disappear when you need them. It's quite a "coincidence", huh? I regret my bastardness, I say evil things when I'm mad. Sometimes they're so evil that I blame it on another entity. It's so easy to do so. I want to stop saying such heartless things when I'm angry.

These past weeks I've been having odd dreams: from a homeless who instead of begging for money, he said a philosophy quote and people gave him money for his culture, to being pregnant and delivering a chicken (that was dry by the way!), to stabbing a violent father (not mine, relax haha) to death, to other dreams that I don't recall right now. My subconscious talks to me and I reply. I like to think that our relationship exists in consciousness. It's like we're two entities, in one body, chatting in an unknown language and both breathing The Secret Life. I like to be asked questions. I request interview threads on VF only to be asked questions. It's fun. Sometimes the sky depresses me, because it reminds me that I can't fly. In dreams I always fly and see colors. My subconscious anihilates the gore, so even the most heinous murder is covered in glitter.


FluffSpider said...

yes,i've been having nightmares myself.strange thing is, although they are rather gore-ish and unpleasant, i'm not scard.perhaps a bit disgusted. per example, i dreamt a puppy with a rotten upper jaw( and its, twas alive) and i was like: aww, cute little thing, com'ere(in my mind:is it contagious?). Not to mention i live at the 2nd floor, and the puppy came through the window.
But thankfully, they've stopped.Now i have insomnia to deal with...not insomnia and nightmares, atleast.
um, am scris in engleza pentr ca postul tau era in engleza, si mi s-a parut mai natural.cheers!

the elder said...

@FluffSpider - hey, odd, I have a phobia of distorted faces. I mean, I can see people without legs, or with 6 fingers, but if I see a distorted face, I get freaked. Lucky that I almost never have gorish dreams. :))